Some Tricks to Help You Win

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Spend October getting ready

  • Stock your freezer with ready meals you can throw in the oven in between writing sessions. It takes me 1–2 hours/day to write the 1,667 required to make it to the goal, and those 1–2 hours have to come from somewhere. …

More romance with cinnamon roll heroes, representation of chronic illness, and body positivity

book cover x 3

While We Were Dating, by Jasmine Guillory

for a refreshing change in your reading diet

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Autumn, by Ali Smith

Stories of coming of age, falling in love, and more

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Dryland, by Sara Jaffe

(It’s Bastille Day, if you needed an excuse to buy a book!)

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A Boring Wife Settles the Score, by Marie-Renée Lavoie, translated by Arielle Aaronson

Advice from a language tutor

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It might be one of these…

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Which language should I learn?

Thrillers, romance, and more

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Admit This To No One, by Leslie Pietrzyk (November 9, The Unnamed Press)

to get you started with learning a European language

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For your beach bag this summer

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The Buried Giant, by Kazuo Ishiguro

Claire Handscombe

Editor of WALK WITH US: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives; author of the novel UNSCRIPTED and of CONQUERING BABEL: a Practical Guide to Learning a Language.

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