People I Feel an Immediate Kinship With

I’ll probably be your friend for life if you fit into any of these categories

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Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash
  • ENFPs
  • Anyone who knows what an ENFP is and can nerd out about Myers Briggs with me
  • French speakers
  • Bilinguals and especially bilingual children and especially Franco-British bilingual children
  • Anyone currently in the writing trenches with me, which at this stage seems to mean mostly endless disappointment
  • Avid listeners to the various Book Riot podcasts
  • West Wing fans
  • Brits
  • Anyone who always has a book on them
  • Anyone who has read and loved Come To The Edge
  • Only children

Editor of WALK WITH US: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives; author of the novel UNSCRIPTED and of CONQUERING BABEL: a Practical Guide to Learning a Language.

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