Introducing the List of Lists

A new publication in honour of the dearly departed List App

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In October 2015, something happened that more or less changed my life: BJ Novak launched an App called The List App. It was a kind of like Twitter for longer form posts. Almost instantly, a real community formed around it.

Originally, people wrote traditional lists, like “15 things to do in NYC” or “best books I’ve read this year”. But eventually, it became so much more than that — a way to creatively tell stories in list form. “10 terrible boyfriends I’ve had” became a form of short memoir. “Reasons he isn’t calling me back” became a way to process a broken heart. We still shared “best books I’ve read this year” and “photos I took at the protest”, though.

Anyway, I’d like to create something of that here on Medium. It’s a publication called The List of Lists.

The ideas is this: write a post, and use the subtitle font for each “list” bullet point. Below are some of my own lists, so you can see the kind of thing I mean. (These all have numbers in the title, but that’s definitely not a requirement!)

If you want to contribute to this “publication”, then leave a comment in list form. I’ll add you as a contributor.

If you’re new to Medium, and/or you’ve never submitted to a publication before, here’s how to do it. In the form of a list, of course.

Click on your face at the top right hand corner.

Then “New Story”.

Write your list.

Select each main list bullet point. You’ll have a load of options pop up, including 2 Ts. Select the smaller of the Ts.

When you’re done, click the three dots at the top right of the page.

Then click add to publication.

Then select “list of lists”.

Then select and continue.

The click the green button.

Add some keywords, one of which should be “lists”.

Click submit.

Then I’ll have to add your list to the publication manually unless or until I can find a better system. I know it sounds super complicated, but it becomes intuitive with time, I promise.

It’s not quite the List App, I know. But it’s the best I can do for now.

Editor of WALK WITH US: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives; author of the novel UNSCRIPTED and of CONQUERING BABEL: a Practical Guide to Learning a Language.

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