Essential Stationery for the Language Learner

(aka excuses to buy new notebooks)

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The vocab notebook

This, without question, is the single most important item of stationery you can buy. Get a small notebook that you can slip in your pocket or your handbag so that you can whip it out and have a read of the latest page between tube stops, and so that it’s always to hand for scribbling down a new word you come across in your reading or during your lessons.

Post-It notes

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Highlighter pens

These are a great tool to help you break down sentences as you read: you can highlight different tenses in different colours, or colour-code word endings to remind yourself to always make an adjective feminine if the noun is feminine. You can also highlight frequent mistakes that you make in your own writing, in an effort to move past those barriers. You can highlight new words in an article, or new uses for a word. Highlight, highlight, highlight.

Coloured biros

Most of us are visual learners. Having trouble remembering which words are masculine and which feminine? Why not use blue and pink pens in your vocab book to differentiate? (Or, you know, green and black if you don’t want to be so heteronormative?) Or purple and red to distinguish between an adjective and an adverb?

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