5 Stealthy Ways to Help Promote Your Friend’s Book

They’ll love you forever, I promise

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Book clubs

Lots of book clubs are meeting on Zoom these days, which means it’s easier than ever for authors to drop by and visit. Many authors really enjoy answering questions about their books and their writing process; invite them along to your book club and encourage members to buy their book and read it before the author’s visit. Pro tip: you can add an extra half hour before or after their visit to really get into the nitty gritty of what you did and didn’t like about the book — the author likely doesn’t need to hear that.

Overdrive and Libraries

It’s a real bonus for an author to get their books into libraries. Even if the library only buys one copy, that’s one sale more. It’s also a chance for readers to discover the book and the author. Every potential reader is a potential evangelist for a book — you never know when a reader is going to be the one that falls in love with a book so hard that they buy it for all their friends and recommend it forever. Library patrons are often very enthusiastic about books — exactly the kind of person this might happen to. As for the library workers, they have even more power. Imagine if your friend’s book passes through their hands and they fall in love with it that way: that’s worth its weight in gold.

Facebook Groups

There’s a Facebook group for everything — unless it’s books, in which case there are about eleventy million of them. Type “books” or “fiction” into the search bar and you’ll see what I mean.


If the author of the book you’re wanting to help promote isn’t young and cool, they may not have a TikTok account, let alone any idea of how to use it. (Am I projecting? It’s possible.) But if you do — and especially if you are active in the BookTok community — you can be invaluable to them there with a post or two. (Are they even called posts? See what I mean about needing the help from my younger, cooler friends?)

Goodreads Quotes

So you’ve read this new book and underlined a whole load of sentences you like: here’s your chance to put them to good use.

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