Where to Make and Share Book Lists Online

Or, how to spread the book love

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Lili is similar to The List App, with many of the features we loved there. It’s easy to make lists on all topics and add a picture and a comment for each item on them. The lists are pretty and easily shareable on social media, and you can go back and add to them later, so they’re good for book projects in progress — for example, to record all the books you read as part of a challenge or in any given year.


Now that the app allows for more than one photo in its carousel-type posts it’s possible to share several book covers, as a visual representation of “best books I’ve read this month”, for example. You can also make folders for your Instagram stories, and they’ll stay at the top of your profile and not disappear into the ether after 24 hours. So, you could have one for “books I recommend”, for example.


Twitter threads can be a useful place to make lists. Plus, each time you tweet you’ll bring attention to the entire thread.


Lists are one of the most fun things on Goodreads. They’re collaborative, though, so once your list of Best Books With Blue Covers or Favourite James Patterson Novels is out there, you’ll have little control over it. But that means they’re also a good way to discover new books, as well as see what’s popular, since people can vote on each list item.


Bookshop is an online bookstore which shares its profits with indies and is therefore a great place to be buying your reading material always, but especially right now, when local businesses really need your support. It’s also possible to be an affiliate, as I am, and if you are, you get to make lists — they make it really easy, and there’s always the (tiny) chance you can earn a few dollars if someone clicks and buys something from your list. (Yes, obligatory disclaimer: the links in this paragraph are, in fact, affiliate links.)


While not specifically designed for lists — I long, one day, for a format similar to the List App’s to be an option here — Medium is a great place to share things we love and find a tribe of others who share that passion. I’m also creating a publication, BookLists, especially for this kind of thing, so stay tuned.

Editor of WALK WITH US: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives; author of the novel UNSCRIPTED and of CONQUERING BABEL: a Practical Guide to Learning a Language.

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